We’re all in this Together

April 14th, 2020

Now more than ever we are all seeing daily changes. We have found ourselves living through unprecedented times. Many of us have found that we have more time at home and we are looking for ways to manage work, home, spouses, kids, and pets all at the same time. This can lead to added stress which can take its toll on our bodies. It is important that we try to find some time for “self care,” especially with our skin.

  1. A long hot soak in the tub always sounds so indulgent. Yes, it is certainly a way for us to relax, but keep in mind that soaking for too long can actually dry out your skin. To help combat this problem add a handful of Epsom Salts to help ease minor aches and some coconut oil. The coconut oil will help to soften the skin and prevent over drying. But be careful, that tub may be slick when you try to get out! After your relaxing soak, apply a body hydrator that is free of any fragrance. If you have extra coconut oil, use a very small amount around the cuticles of your finger and toenails.
  2. We may be home but we’re certainly not inside the entire time. Many of us are using this time to catch up on yard work, relax on the porch or patio, or lounge by the pool. Now more than ever you cannot forget your sunscreen. We recommend an SPF 50 or higher at all times. If you know you are going to be outdoors longer than 2 hours be sure to re-apply your sunscreen to all exposed areas. Also consider a good wide brimmed hat. Visors and Ball caps only protect the upper portion of the skin leaving the lower and outer face exposed to the sun.
  3. Make daily facial care a priority. During this time it is easy to forget about doing our daily face regime. Always be sure to cleanse your skin morning and evening, hydrate and protect during the day, and treat and hydrate at night. This is a good time to involve your teenagers and help them establish good cleansing and moisturizing habits for their face. Why not do a mask together? A quick and easy homemade mask for all skin types can easily be made with 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey. Not only will it feel good but your skin will thank you for it too!

Hopefully these few tips will be useful to you. Taking care of ourselves is often something we forget to do. Let also not forget those that may not be able to care for themselves. Be sure to call or text your neighbor. See if there is anything you can do help or brighten their day. Remember, we truly are in this together. Until next time, stay safe and well!